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  Depth: 60 - 150 ft / 18 - 45 m
  Current: 1 - 3 knots depending on the tide changes. Good drift blue water diving.
  Boatride:  1.20 - 2 hours
36 nautical miles from La Paz
The most famous location of The Sea of Cortéz, where hammerhead sharks congregate in large schools with still unclear purposes.
Many species of pelagic and tropical fish are found year round. There is no protection to surge and rough water conditions, making it for advanced divers only.

Anything can happen anytime

Map of the dive-sites
El Bajo Seamounts Los Islotes El Bajito Whale Island Chinese Wreck
Lobos Rock Salvatierra Wreck Swanne Reef La Reina La Reinita
Old Sea Lions Colony Las Animas San Francisquito Sea Mounts
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