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Whale Watching Tours Whales at Baja California Rates

Although many species of whales visit the warm protected waters of the Baja California Peninsula, the best known is the Gray Whale, due to the large numbers and migration patterns followed year after year from the Behring Sea to the Pacific Coast of Baja. .
Considered once as an endangered species and hunted near to extintion, the Gray Whale has made an impressive come back, protected by stiff mexican and international law that designated three salt water lagoons as sanctuaries where they mate and give birth during the months of January to March, when they make the trip back to the north, some of them pregnant, some of them with calves, but all of them happy after performing their ancient rite of reproduction.

Calves are unafraid of people, and show it

Whale Watching Tours can be made in many ways, from the simple one-day trip, to the most sophisticated liveaboard or camping all inclusive trips, in conjunction with sea kayaking and natural history interests.

Whatever your choice is, we will make sure your experience is unforgetable.
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